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Artificial Sales Agent is a fair marketplace for small businesses who produce unique products with revenues between 25k – 10M

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Artificial Sales Agent?

Artificial Sales Agent is the first software driven platform designed for unique and customized buying choices. ASA is all-inclusive platform to connect with your buyers>

Why does this benefit small businesses?

ASA benefits small businesses because we only partner with stores, retailers and servicers who offer unique products, and have an annual revenue of 50k – 10M. This separates the competition from stores with bigger advertising budgets.

Why do you call it a fair market place?

The advertising element has been totally removed from the marketplace. Customers can choose who they want to do business with according to how well you describe your product and how cool your story is.

What is the cost for each product?$75/monthly?

You will receive a one-to-one shopping experience with your customers, you will only be in competition with 10 other stores with the same product. You will have the opportunity to tell your story and your unique product. You will be able to advertise to your customers based on their situation, not by cut throat advertising. Plus additional perks, please see product video.

What are the benefits for the consumer?

All in one place for shopping, a new unique experience of a main street feel online. No online advertising and AI learning system that understands the consumer.

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